Three Reasons To Hire Professional Movers For Your Heavy Machinery

If you are in the process of planning a factory relocation, you need to give strong considerations for using a professional service to move your heavy equipment. Generally speaking, this is a specialized skill. Although certain machines may be prohibitively heavy to move without assistance, lighter pieces of equipment may be tempting to move using your own equipment and employees. This is especially true is you have a forklift that's powerful enough for the weight of the machines that need to be moved. This is a mistake, and the following are three reasons to call a professional plant relocation service.

Avoiding damage to your machinery

The biggest risk you will face when moving machinery yourself will be ignorant of the requirements in doing the job properly. Professionals have the right tools, techniques and experience to move heavy equipment. There are a variety of tools used to lift heavy equipment, and a proper way to do it. After looking at a particular machine, a professional will know the right tools and techniques to do the job. This, combined with experience in moving heavy equipment, reduces the risk of damage to your valuable plant equipment.

Avoiding liability during transport

You should check your company's liability insurance policy before you make plans to move your own machines, because there is a good chance that you will have little if any coverage for this type of activity. Perhaps your employees may be covered while dismantling certain pieces of equipment inside of your factory, but that will be the limit, and your policy may not even cover that. A heavy equipment mover will have coverage for all aspects of the operation, including insurance for the moving of machinery on public roads. Any liability incurred will be theirs.

Minimize downtime of the plant relocation

Although no one can foresee every problem, you are more likely to make a mistake in moving your machinery than a professional service will. Mistakes made when moving machinery can lead to equipment damage or delays in getting the machinery set up in your new building. These delays can be expensive, but by using a professional moving service, these delays are minimized.

As part of your plant relocation, you should consult with a heavy equipment mover. A professional will take the time to understand your needs and expectations. After they analyze the requirements for your particular situation, they can explain what type of time will be needed to get the job done, both safely and as quickly as possible. This information you can then incorporate into your schedule for moving to your new plant location.

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