4 Things To Consider When Buying A Custom Playhouse

If you want to enhance your backyard and make it a wonderful place for your kids to play, you may want to consider purchasing a custom made playhouse for your children to enjoy. While their are a number of pre-fabricated playhouses available, when you buy a custom playhouse you can create it from the ground up to ensure that it is perfect for your child now and can continue to be used for several years. Think about the following things when buying a custom made playhouse:

Where Will it be Located

Ideally, a custom playhouse should be in an area of the yard that is easily accessible for your children. Think about your lifestyle when selecting a spot for the playhouse--even if you have a fenced backyard and your kids are old enough to be outside by themselves, it is a good idea to select a space that is easy to see from inside the house so you can watch the kids play.


If you're going to make the investment to buy a custom playhouse, it is important to choose a size that will accommodate your children as they grow bigger. It is much better to get a playhouse that is a little larger as opposed to one that is too small--the last thing you want is for your kids to outgrow the playhouse in a short period of time. Its a good idea to check with your local zoning board before purchasing a larger playhouse, as some cities may require a building permit for your custom playhouse if it exceeds a certain number of square feet.

Have a Budget in Mind

When it comes to custom playhouses, your options range from modest timber structures to elaborate, sprawling buildings that could pass for mini-houses. When you hire a company to build you a custom playhouse, it is important to communicate your budget to ensure that you get a design that meets your kids' needs while also being something that you can afford.

How Will You Get the Playhouse into Your Yard

Before you pay to have a custom playhouse built, it is essential to have a plan for getting it into your yard. In some cases, playhouses are built and then brought to your house by truck fully assembled. If you have a large playhouse built that will not fit through your gate or is to heavy to move, you will have to contact a crane company to provide crane services. In these situations a crane will hoist the playhouse over your fence and then place it wherever you want it. Other companies will built the playhouse in several different pieces and assemble it in your backyard.

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