Three Reasons Why There Are Pole-Mounted Transformers In Your Neighborhood

Pole-mounted transformers are those odd-looking electrical boxes and coils that are attached to the tops of electrical poles. They tend to remind you of the scenes from old black-and-white Frankenstein movies when Dr. Frankenstein was in his lab and elevating his creature toward the roof to be electrically awakened. If you see your power company installing transformer on a pole in your neighborhood, you might be wondering why. Here are some of the more common reasons why this type of field dressing may be happening in what seems like a mostly residential area.

There Is a Much Higher Demand for Kilowatts and Voltage Now

Power companies monitor the kilowatts and voltage used in different areas. Anytime there is a spike in usage, and that spike remains consistently high, the power company puts in a work order to install a pole-mounted transformer. The transformer increases the electrical output for the neighborhood so that the electrical demands are met and blackouts do not occur.

The Power Company Is Attempting to Reduce Power Demands on the Nearest Substation

Substations often do a decent job of keeping up with power demands and electricity flow. However, when a substation is older or is less capable of managing the power demands and flow, the power company attempts to make things easier on the substation by installing the transformers on neighboring neighborhood poles. If you live within a mile of an older substation, the installation of a transformer on your street is easily explained this way.

A Newer, Larger Building Is under Construction Close By

Let's say that a tenement building, hospital or an addition to the nearest school is under construction. These buildings need a LOT more power than what your neighborhood lines can provide. If something is not done to balance and regulate electricity use and consumption, there will not be adequate power for these buildings when they are complete. To moderate power use, the power company looks for available power poles and locations that would work well for the installation of a transformer.

What to Do When This Business Is in Progress

So, if you see a crew installing a transformer on a nearby pole, the best thing you can do is to keep clear of their work space. If they are parked right in front of your driveway, it helps to alert the driver of the cherry picker truck and the work crew that you need to get out and leave for the day. They are generally very accommodating if you politely ask them to let you through.

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