First Time With Rented Cranes? Utilize These Tips

As you consider all the construction work available and your competitors, you might begin realizing that cranes would create new business opportunities for your team. However, after a review of your finances, it may seem that purchases aren't feasible. Luckily, renting them enables use without huge investments. To feel confident about renting, utilize suggestions like these.

1-Know OSHA Guidelines

The Labor Department's agency OSHA--Occupational Safety and Health Administration--has crane-related rules which focus on safety for those working around the machines. You're responsible for meeting these standards whenever you rent this equipment. Most rules are posted online, but contact them if uncertainties exist.

2-Evaluate Site

When renting cranes, site soil is not an afterthought. Soil must bear the crane base and the crane itself. Soil should be evaluated for its bearing strength. You may need soil tests, penetrometer results or the help of geotechnical engineers before determining which machines you'll ultimately rent.

When confidence exists about the soil, turn your eyes to other site issues. For example, electricity wires overhead or tree stumps in the area will need to be worked around or removed, when possible.

3-Determine Boom Sizes

You'll need the correct size booms to reach certain heights or perform certain work. This relates directly to the loads the cranes will be used for; if there is confusion about what you'll be lifting or how high you need to lift loads, wait until you have more details before renting this equipment. Don't assume all cranes can work equally well for all jobs.

4-Line Up Drivers

"Bare" rentals are cheaper than others because you'll have to line up your own operators/drivers. Knowing this beforehand, you'll have sufficient time to recruit and contact possible workers. Rental companies sometimes furnish lists upon request, and there are multiple agencies that specialize in workers of this kind. Placing ads is another choice. 

5-Schedule Properly

Crane work must happen in harmony with other site work. Your schedule must allow for drop-offs of loads, drop-off of cranes and other work happening all at the same time. People shouldn't be working or idling in the area when crane work occurs. Do your best to enable crane work to happen without delays or much waiting, since time is being paid for.

Crane rentals provide you with new income streams and additional work projects. Rental companies are often pleased to discuss how they can be long-term working partners and how they might simplify your work. Contact a company, like Solley Crane, for more help.

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