Relevant Tips To Consider When Renting A Crane For Work Operations

If you're working on a temporary project that warrants transporting materials to great heights, renting a crane may be necessary. These machines can do a lot of things and you'll have no problem renting one out when you consider the following tips. 

Think About Crane Types

Over the last couple of decades, cranes have evolved tremendously. This means there are a lot of different varieties you have assess to. So that you select an optimal crane for this temporary project, assess factors like work environment and lifting performance.

For example, if your work site is pretty rugged, you'll probably want to go with an off-road mobile crane. These cranes, situated on large rubber wheels, can traverse through virtually any terrain without major issues. Or, if you're trying to reach great heights around one particular location, a stationary, telescopic crane may be best. Assessing your operations first will help you pinpoint the right crane type. 

Make Sure Insurance Is Included

When you're in possession of this crane, you're responsible for its condition. You thus may feel a little nervous about something going wrong and then you being left paying for expensive repairs. You can set this apprehension aside by getting insurance with the rental crane.

Most rental companies will offer insurance if they're legitimate. If they do, go a step further and get proof of this insurance. Also, make sure it covers the full value of the rental crane. Then, if something does accidentally happen to the crane, you won't be liable. The insurance policy will take care of everything. 

Thoroughly Analyze the Contract

Once you've selected a particular crane and have made sure insurance is included, you should now carefully examine the contract. This way, you know exactly what you're getting yourself into and can thus avoid any confusion later down the road.

Look to see how the rental company is charging you, whether it's by the hour or just one total per day. It's a good idea to take these rates and compare them with other companies as to make use you're not being overcharged. Finally, see what protocol you're supposed to follow with this crane in your possession. These precautions will save you a lot of hassle. 

Sometimes, renting cranes may be necessary to complete a short-term project. If you're making this investment, just be sure you know what relevant details to work out in advance. Then, you'll have a smooth rental experience. For more information, contact a crane rental service nearby.

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