What To Look For In A Solar-Powered Light Tower

Whether you need more overnight security at your construction site or you are needing to keep performing work onsite after the sun sets, a light tower can provide the necessary illumination on your project. Know what to look for in a light tower so you can choose the best one for your needs.


The best light towers are highly portable. For this reason, solar is ideal because there is no heavy, clumsy generator to deal with. Look for a lightweight tower with integrated solar panels if you want the most portable option. Towers with folding masts that allow you to quickly collapse the tower into the most compact form can also aid portability. Further, the lighter the tower is, the more portable it will be. The best designs are lightweight enough that you can easily move them around the construction site by hand -- no need to hook them up to a truck or other piece of equipment.


Security is also important, especially since it is not uncommon for equipment to be stolen from construction sites. Look for a light tower that has a fold-away, locking hitch. A fold-away hitch is both more secure, and it ensures that the hitch-and-tongue assembly doesn't take up valuable space on-site. Those that lock in place while folded make it very difficult for someone to try to tow away the tower.


The light needs to be quickly adjustable so that you can target it to the area that needs to be lighted. Choose a tower that you can adjust from the ground to ensure quick targeting of the light. Further, look for shield lights that help narrow the light beam to where you need it -- this helps eliminate light pollution so the overnight lighting doesn't disturb the neighbors. The solar panels also need to be adjustable so that you can ensure your light gets the power it needs.

Backup Power

Not every day is a sunny day, so most solar light towers need a backup power source. A battery storage pack comes with every solar-powered light to ensure that the power that is collected during the day is available to power the lights after sunset. Extra storage batteries and panels may be necessary if it is the cloudy season. Depending on your circumstances, you may also want a solar light that also offers the ability to act as a generator if needed.

Contact an equipment supplier for more assistance in finding the right solar-powered light tower for your needs.

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