Use A Rental Skid Steer To Load, Haul, And Grade

If you will be loading and hauling debris or grading residential land that surrounds your home, the use of a skid steer may be necessary. You can rent this type of machinery by the hour or the day, depending upon a particular supplier's terms. Learn how this type of equipment will be your active labor source that performs the brunt of the heavy lifting and moving of materials.

The Rental Specifications

A skid steer possesses a rigid frame, lift arms, a compact operator seating area, and wheels or tracks. Four wheels will comprise wheeled models and each set of wheels that are located along one side of a machine are capable of turning independently from the wheels that are on the opposite side of a machine. During active operation, a skid steer will drag (skid) across the ground.

A skid steer that contains tracks will be able to maneuver across muddy or rocky terrain. Either wheels or tracks may be supplied on equipment that is offered through a rental facility. The operator's seating area may include a roll cage, a metal frame, hand and foot controls, and dashboard gauges. Some machinery will require an operator to utilize one-hand control for all of the forward and backward movements that a machine makes.

A dual hand control setup will require that both controls are used in tandem. A boom that is attached to the front of a skid steer can be used to pick up buckets that are filled with heavy materials or bulky or condensed items that are large in volume. You may be required to complete a test run within the rental facility, prior to being granted access to reserve a machine for your needs. Choose an hourly rental for jobs that you are confident about completing quickly and a daily rental for jobs that you are going to take your time completing.

The Use Of A Machine

Before you transport a skid steer to your residential property, outline how you will be using the equipment. Plan on completing work on one part of your property, prior to moving to another section of your yard and using the machine for an alternate task.

If you are going to be responsible for hauling a lot of materials or if your land is sloped and grading it will take a while to complete, consider using a rental skid steer on multiple occasions. Move any small, loose items that are on your land, to avoid having any obstacles in your way. Reserve attachments via the rental company that are needed to complete a hauling or grading project.

Contact a skid steer rental service today for more information.

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