Selling Your Used Construction Equipment When You Are Ready To Replace It

Replacing the equipment you use on the construction site with new equipment is good, but selling the old equipment can take some work. Finding a used equipment buyer to work with is a good option, but not every buyer will be interested in your machines, so you may have to call several before you sell everything you want to replace. 

Selling Used Machines

Used construction equipment is an excellent option for a small business that is just starting out, and your old equipment could be a good fit for another company. The value of the used equipment will vary by the condition, so working with a used equipment buyer to sell the machines can make the process easier. 

While you could sell the equipment directly to an individual, the logistics and legal processes involved are not always easy to navigate. The equipment buyer deals with these hurdles every day and can often speed the sale up. The buyer may also have a larger network to resell the equipment through, and that means the small business looking for used machines has a better chance of finding them than they do of randomly finding your for-sale ad.

Machine Inspection

Contacting a used equipment buyer about your equipment for sale is the first step in the process. If you have something they are looking for, the buyer will schedule a time to come and look at the equipment with you. 

The equipment buyer will inspect the machine to determine the value and to see if there are things that need repairing. Let the equipment buyer know if there is something wrong with the equipment that you are aware of. They will find the problem eventually anyway, and telling them about it can make it easier for them to assess the value and make you an offer on the machines.

If you have maintenance and repair records for the equipment, make those available to the equipment buyer as well. If the records show constant upkeep and preventative maintenance on the equipment, it can increase the value and the amount the buyer is willing to pay for the machines.

Making A Deal

Once the inspection is complete and the used equipment buyer has determined the value of the equipment, they will make you an offer. Often they already have customers lined up for the type of machines you are selling, so finding equipment in good shape allows them to sell it quickly. The offer may be lower than your asking price, but remember that the equipment buyer will be refreshing and repairing the machines, and they need to make a profit, or there is no reason to buy the equipment. 

 If you agree, the buyer will arrange transportation and take the equipment off your hands. While it is not always essential to sell your used equipment quickly, if you need to sell it fast, the entire process can often be completed in a couple of days.

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