Renting Equipment For Your Construction Project To Reduce The Overhead Of Ownership

Heavy construction equipment is expensive, and even if you consider used machines, the maintenance and repairs can add up quickly. For small businesses or contractors that are still building their client base, the cost can be challenging to manage. Heavy construction equipment rental can often fill the void and provide a resource that the contractor needs at a price they can afford. 

Rental Options

Heavy construction equipment rental companies often carry everything from small machines like skid steer loaders to more significant equipment like bucket loaders, bulldozers, and ditching machines. All of these tools have a place on the job site, but the cost to purchase each of them is prohibitive for smaller contractors or more established ones that need one specific machine for a one-time use situation. 

The equipment rental service that offers these can often rent them daily if you just need them for a small job, or you may want to consider a long-term lease to ensure you have the equipment on the job site the entire time you need it. The lease is typically cheaper than day-to-day rentals, but it is only practical if you use the equipment daily. 

Delivery And Pickup

Heavy construction equipment rental companies often offer delivery and pick up the machines or equipment you will use, so ask about the machine early to ensure it arrives when you need it. This allows you to avoid delays while waiting for equipment and get the work started earlier in some situations. 

The driver delivering your rental equipment is typically very experienced with loading and unloading the machines. In most cases, they will pull up to your site, unload the machine, and put it where you need it. If you are not experienced with the equipment you are renting, the delivery driver or a company representative can go over the controls with you, but often you are still going to be responsible for making sure you don't damage the machine while it is in your possession.

Insuring Rental Equipment

When dealing with heavy construction equipment rentals, you will need to provide insurance on the equipment. Most equipment rental companies offer insurance that you can add to the rental at a reasonable price, covering the machines. However, if you already have some equipment you own that is insured through a third-party insurance company, you may want to check with them about adding the rental machine onto the policy while you are using it. 

In both situations, the coverage is crucial and needs to cover any damage or loss of the equipment. Fire, theft, and breakage can all be part of the insurance coverage, but check with the insurance carrier if you are concerned that you don't have enough for the machine you are using.

Contact a heavy construction equipment rental company for more information. 

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