Scissor Lifts — Key Rental Tips For Short-Term Construction

If you have a short-term construction project that involves heights, you may need a scissor lift rental. Finding one is pretty easy today, especially if you continue to read on. 

Decide Between Indoor And Outdoor Applications

When you first start looking at scissor lifts available for rent, take your time to decide whether you need an indoor unit or something designed for outdoor use. After all, indoor and outdoor scissor lifts can vary a lot.

If you plan to use the construction equipment rental outside, you may need more height support and more durable materials that won't break down in the elements. Whereas if you plan to use a rental scissor lift inside a building, a compact design might make the machinery easier to move around.

Find a Platform That Offers Plenty of Room

The platform of the scissor lift rental is what you'll stand on as you work around a tall structure, such as a building. Thus, try to find a rental with a large platform. You should have plenty of space to feel safe and secure when on the scissor lift.

If you can't review these scissor lift rentals in person, go online and find out the dimensions of these platforms. Suppliers should say how big they are and thus make it easy to find a scissor lift that accommodates your needs throughout a short-term construction project.

Get a Little More Height Support Than You Need

Rental scissor lifts can reach different heights depending on how manufacturers design them. So that you don't take any chances with height support, err on the side of caution and get more than you probably need.

For instance, if you plan to work around a building that you believe is around 20 feet tall, you can get a scissor lift rental that extends to 30 feet. The 10 feet of difference gives you a substantial range to work with. Even if your construction project changes, you might still be able to use the same scissor lift instead of sending it back in favor of something else. 

You can do many great things with a scissor lift rental for temporary construction projects. After you find a supplier to get one from, see what models they have in stock and look at the work you plan to complete. A comprehensive analysis will ensure you rent an accommodating scissor lift that remains pleasant to work with around your site.  

For more info about heavy construction equipment rentals, contact a local company. 

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